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VEDA Prevents State Contract Termination Claimed by Internal Affairs Ministry’s Agency

07 June 2016
Our lawyers have won all instances of the legal proceedings initiated by a Russian governmental agency seeking to terminate a state contract for an alleged failure to perform R&D works

We successfully defended our client, a manufacturer of unique polymeric products intended for state defence procurements, in its dispute over a state contract for development of filtering components for law-enforcement officers’ protective helmets. The customer, a Russian law-enforcement authority, claimed that the state contract should be terminated and our client should repay the amounts received from the customer for an alleged failure to meet its contractual obligations.

Our team managed to prove no wrong-doing by our client as the terms of reference for the state contract were certainly unfeasible, so the claims were dismissed in full. Our victory also prevented our client from being put on the official register of unfair suppliers.

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