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Construction and Real Estate

VEDA provides comprehensive legal support to development projects, real estate purchases and sales, extensive consultations on matters related to the application of land and town-planning laws, and protection for those clients involved in disputes over real estate rights.

Our services include:

Real Estate Transactions

  • Conducting legal due diligence in respect of real properties, including risk analysis and development of recommendations to how to eliminate or minimise them.
  • Drafting and legally examining various real estate documentation, including: purchase and sale, lease and sublease agreements, security documentation; agency, design and construction agreements.
  • Supporting construction investment projects in respect of residential and non-residential properties and industrial facilities, including transaction structuring, drafting of investment, co-operation and contractor agreements, documents to be filed, etc.
  • Causing rights in and transactions with real estate to be officially registered.

Leasehold Support

Drafting letters, claims and other documents and holding negotiations with lessors, tenants, sellers and purchasers, including on the following matters:

  • post-acceptance revelation of drawbacks in leased premises;
  • early termination of lease agreements;
  • failure to repay security payments;
  • collection of rent and vacation of premises;
  • collection of unjust enrichment for impediments to the use of properties;
  • lessors’ demands that rent should be increased;
  • changes of the owners of leased properties;
  • bad faith on the part of lessors, tenants, sellers or purchasers;
  • premise borders and area do not meet specifications;
  • no delivery and acceptance certificate is executed in respect of a premise or such certificate is executed without due inspection of the premise; and
  • reduction of property liability, penalty or default interest.


  • Representing our clients before Russian courts on all matters of real estate law, including legal support for disputes related to privatisation, land relations, construction, real estate purchase or lease, etc.
  • Providing comprehensive support for claims challenging cadastral values, including selection of valuation and self-regulatory organisations; preparing any necessary documents and filing the same with the Commission for Settlement of Cadastral Value Disputes and/or courts; representing our clients before the Commission for Settlement of Cadastral Value Disputes and/or courts; and providing oral and written advices on claims challenging cadastral values.

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