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Defence Industry

Our services provided to defence industry enterprises include legal assistance in arrangement for and participation in tenders, domestic and international supply of raw materials and components, as well as consultations on acceptance of works, performance of state contracts, use of special bank accounts, and requirements for protection of state secrets and for certification of products.

Our services include:

  • Supporting Russian defence industry enterprises in making domestic procurement arrangements.
  • Drafting state contracts for supply of materials for the Russian defence industry.
  • Monitoring the process of approval by competent authorities and organisations of our clients’ projects.
  • Representing defence industry enterprises in negotiations with foreign customers and drafting foreign-trade contracts.
  • Resolving disputes with foreign counterparties.
  • Advising on transportation arrangements for military cargoes and border control procedures.
  • Solving legal tasks related to the establishment of presence bases in the Russian polar regions.
  • Developing strategies for dealing with foreign customers and assessing the risks of influence of foreign sanctions on transactions.

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