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IT business

VEDA offers a wide range of legal services for IT industry clients, including support to intellectual property transactions (software development and distribution, license agreements, foreign IP contracts, etc.), legal protection of intellectual properties, and advising on tax matters.

Our services include:

  • Drafting and examining exclusive agreements for software development and deployment.
  • Drafting standard licence agreement forms.
  • Registering software rights and patenting most unique developments having no international analogues.
  • Building international corporate structures for IT companies in various jurisdictions.
  • Structuring venture investment transactions for IT projects.
  • Establishing various legal regimes for protection of trade secrets, know-how and personal data.
  • Causing IT companies to be accredited with industry-specific governmental departments for getting tax benefits under Russian laws.
  • Advising on management of intangible assets and patent strategies.
  • Representing our clients in any disputes over protection of intellectual property rights, including collecting penalties and damages for disclosure of trade secrets, illegal use of their software, etc.

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