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Manufacturing Industries

Our industry-specific legal services in the manufacturing area include support to purchases of raw materials and components, delivery of end products, and construction contracts for industrial facilities. We also provide services related to licensing, environmental law and industrial safety.

Our services include:

  • Providing licensing services in all areas of business (including dealing with hazardous materials, waste and state secrets) and damage liability insurance services for operation of especially dangerous facilities.
  • Arranging for certification of businesses for compliance with the ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 27000, ISO 22000 and other standards.
  • Advising on arrangements for procurement process and performance of state contracts.
  • Assisting in execution of authorisation documents and fulfilment of requirements imposed by supervisory and regulatory authorities.
  • Developing any standard and non-standard forms of agreement as may be necessary to make business arrangements for a company.
  • Working with Russian governmental authorities during their audits and inspections and on matters of compliance with antitrust laws.
  • Participating in efforts to analyse and approve investment projects, factoring transactions, debt refinancing and debt restructuring.
  • Providing risk management services for industrial renovation projects.
  • Supporting acquisition transactions with and operation of dual-purpose equipment.
  • Advising on asset sale, issue of securities, M&A and business diversification.
  • Supporting arrangements for supply chains, delivery of imported equipment and materials, formalisation of legal relations with titleholders, registration of trademarks and service marks, and patenting.
  • Participating in efforts to get accreditations for food facilities from foreign authorities as part of exportation projects.
  • Arranging for HR department operations, developing corporate bylaws, forms and collective agreements, and ensuring compliance with labour protection regulations.
  • Representing our clients before courts during disputes with counterparties and Russian governmental authorities.

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