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Bankruptcy and Liquidation

VEDA offers the complete range of services required for debtors/creditors to effectuate bankruptcy proceedings (putting debts on lists of creditors’ claims, holding controlling persons secondarily liable, challenging debtors’ transactions infringing the interests of creditors, etc.).

Our key bankruptcy services include:

  • Developing a strategy to protect the interests of the debtor/creditor during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Drawing up a list of creditors’ claims, including drafting an application, calculating the amounts claimed and collecting documents proving the debt.
  • Preventing unreasonable third-party claims from being put on the list of creditors’ claims.
  • Holding the debtor’s CEO and shareholders/members secondarily liable for the debtor’s obligations.
  • Appealing against illegal acts or omission to act by the insolvency practitioner, including compulsion to challenge the debtor’s illegal transactions.
  • Attending creditors meetings and challenging their decisions.
  • Providing legal support of receivership proceedings.

We also offer comprehensive legal assistance in effectuating a voluntary liquidation of a company according to a decision made by its shareholders or members.

Our liquidation services include:

  • Preparing a GSM resolution to liquidate the company and appoint its liquidator or winding-up committee, and filing an appropriate application with the Federal Tax Service.
  • Publishing a notice of liquidation in Vestnik Gosudarstvennoi Registratsii (Russian Official Registration Gazette).

Providing legal support to the liquidator or winding-up committee, and assisting in conducting reconciliations with tax authorities and social funds and in preparing a liquidation balance sheet and causing it to be approved.

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