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Business Licensing

Our assistance services cover all activities aimed at obtaining a necessary licence or a permit from a self-regulatory organisation (SRO), including legal consultancy, development of necessary documents and submitting them to relevant governmental agencies, and challenging any illegal denial of approval.

Obtaining Licences for Specific Types of Business

Our follow-up services for the process of obtaining a special permit or licence include:

  • Advising on licensing matters: explaining the applicable requirements imposed by law for the types of business of interest to you, and providing information concerning the process of obtaining a licence.
  • Collecting and preparing any documents as may be required to obtain a licence, delivering the same to the licensing authority, and monitoring the licensing process.
  • In the event that your license application is denied, we will procure that the licensing authority’s requirements are met or, if the denial is illegal, appeal against before a superior administrative authority or a court.

With our assistance, you will be able to easily obtain any educational, medical, pharmaceutical, Ministry for Emergency Situations, Rosatom, Federal Security Service, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, hazardous waste disposal, handling, aviation, military equipment or professional participant licence or a sanitary and epidemiologic certificate from Rospotrebnadzor’s Moscow department.

If the licensing authority delays in issuing a licence, our lawyers will take any steps as may be necessary to speed up the licensing process.

Our extensive experience in licensing services enables us to minimise the risk of denial. Nevertheless, if the licensing authority denies your application, we will check to see if its decision is lawful and then, depending on the results of such check, we will either meet its requirements and re-submit the necessary documents or appeal against its decision in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.

Obtaining a SRO Permit

Since 2010, there is no longer a need to obtain a licence for certain types of business (including, but not limited to, construction, design, survey, auditing, insolvency practitioner’s business, cadastral engineering, etc.). Instead, entities are required to join a SRO and to pay admission and other fees.

Our services related to SRO accession include:

  • Advising on the need for your company to join a SRO, the potential benefits of voluntary accession, and the peculiarities of and the procedure for obtaining a SRO permit.
  • Calculating all related costs, including the admission and membership fees, contributions to the compensation fund and liability insurance.
  • Collecting any documents as may be required for your company to join a SRO, submitting them to such SRO and obtaining its permit.

Any other legal service as may be required, including challenging any illegal decisions or any acts or omissions by officials.

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