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Customs and Foreign Trade

Our lawyers specialise in supporting foreign economic activities of legal entities and offer a complete range of consulting, analytical, representative and other services in the area of customs regulation, including development of customs payment optimisation strategies, preparation of documents required for customs clearance, and challenging of wrongful acts by the Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS).

  • Advising on the application of customs laws and regulation of foreign economic activities, including the rules set by the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Economic Union, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the CIS.
  • Developing and implementing customs payment optimisation strategies: checking the applicable Foreign Economic Activity Nomenclature (FEAN) codes for goods and rectifying any revealed inaccuracies and errors; drawing up any documents as may be required to confirm declared customs prices; adjusting customs values; filling in customs declarations, etc.
  • Preparing any documents as may be required to register foreign-trade transactions (whether relating to export or import) with Russian customs authorities; and providing customs clearance support.
  • Providing legal support to reclaim customs payment refunds, causing any acts committed by the FCS to be recognised as illegal, appealing against any administrative offence reports, and claiming damages against customs authorities.

Providing judicial protection of infringed rights, including reclaiming import and export VAT refunds; challenging decisions to adjust customs values or classification decisions on FEAN codes; confirming customs values; post-release value control of goods; challenging decisions to suspend or prohibit goods from being released, etc.

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