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Intellectual Property

Our services in the area of intellectual properties include both confirmation of intellectual property rights (by obtaining a patent or registering a trade name or trademark) and protection of infringed rights, whether extrajudicially or judicially.

Our IP experts offer the following services:

  • Advising on the registration, protection or transfer of exclusive intellectual property rights.
  • Registration of any intellectual property rights (including any design, invention, model, trademark or trade name).
  • Assisting in the execution of exclusive right disposal, licensing/sublicensing and other agreements for full or partial assignment of rights.
  • Protecting any infringed rights, whether judicially or pre-judicially, including evidence collection, preparation of procedural documents, initiation of legal proceedings, appealing against judgments, etc.
  • Providing legal support for enforcement proceedings, controlling the execution of judgments, and, where necessary, appealing against any wrongful act or omission by any bailiff.

If your patent application has been dismissed, or any other person illegally uses your intellectual properties, or someone has appropriated the right in your work, or you have been facing any other problem, we will do our best to resolve it as soon as reasonably practicable. Our services may result in the following deliverables: appealing against the denial of registration of your right, collecting a compensation for the unauthorised use of your intellectual properties, preventing any acts infringing your rights from being committed, elimination of counterfeit media, removal of information from websites, publication of rebutments, etc.

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